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Amie Nguyen

“It is sometimes difficult to connect with and work effectively with businesses who are on another continent…from a different culture, language, &/or time zone. However, I have found Prashanth to be not only easy to work with despite the stark differences in our locations…but I have also found that he is very professional and better than anyone I have found locally.

Prashanth stays on top of his market (SEO) and is always one step ahead. He is an excellent communicator and is thorough in his reporting, and the cost is a great value for the level of service received. I would rank Prashanth as one of the top professionals that I reply on to support me in my business, and I confidently recommend him to anyone looking for quality SEO services for their website.” “Prashanth spends a great deal of time online and is very knowledgeable when it comes to internet search rankings. I would recommend him and his service to anyone looking to improve their website search ranking.”

Amie Nguyen

Dave Davis

“We’ve worked with Prashant for more than two years now and I have to say, he and his team are among the very few that constantly innovate and provide exceptional value.Prash often contacts me to simply ask how I am doing, let us know about new services that might (and usually do) interest us and offer advice on where we could be doing better.Prash and his team are also among the very few that are more about pleasing teh customer than making a few dollars. It’s refreshing to work with a team like that and that is why we give them our business consistently.The services the world-click team provide are, unlike their competitors, delivered exactly how you expect. On time and what you paid for.I’d also recommend trying some of their newer services, they are constantly innovating and producing results. They WILL for you too.” Dave Davis

Vipul Solanki

“Prashanth is very good person as i know him. Good experience to work with him. All the best.” Vipul SolankiOwner, Netprro

Matt Garrett

“Prashanth and his team have done some excellent work for me over the years, he was always happy to accommodate new projects, and always delivered results on time and in a professional manner! I’d happily work with him again. Matt Garrett

Marko Petkovic

“Prashant did everything I wanted, how I wanted and when I wanted, every time I used his services. My only choice for link building and SEO Marko Petkovic

Milan Cole

“Prashanth delivers an excellent service at a good value.” Milan Cole

Justin B.

“Prash has allowed our companies to grow a healthy business relationship that we can both profit off of and grow larger because of. Prash has always been an excellent person to work with, as well as his entire company that he has built.” Justin B.

Pete White

“Prashanth offers a great service and I hire him for the majority of my seo work. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get higher ranking search engine results.” Pete White

Dan H

“Prashanth offers a number of link development services, which I have used on a number of occasions. The work is always done to a high standard. You can expect flawless updates and communication from Prashanth.” Dan H.Website Development and Marketing, JagoNetwork

Sasi Menon

“I endorse Prashanth as Web master since he has rich knowledge in the field of IT , having started his own setup dotcompals n single handedly was the brain behind, which put this tiny village on the global net map.” Sasi Menon

Cibu Johny

“He is motivated and enthusiastic about trying various things..” Cibu Johny,

Mohan Das

“Prasanth at dotcompals is an innovative webmaster. his web designs compare any time with intricate international standards. He has a penchant for details and his designs clearly being out this aspect.He was phenomenally responsive to changes in our society and I recommend Prasanth highly, and especially applaud his ability to work under very tight deadlines.” Mohan Das,

Andrew Rodgers

“I helped Prashanth with a database import/migration project for a web application. He was professional and competent, and seemed to be willing to do whatever it takes to make his clients happy.” Andrew RodgersOwner, Qtek Solutions

Prasanth Nair

“This Host is very reliable, ive had it for four year now and theres been basically no down time and it is cheap too .Hired SEO too and its also good one .” Prasanth Nair